DJ Blacksmith

DJ Blacksmith

DJ Blacksmith, was born in 1980, Bremen, Germany and is a independet underground dj since 1996. In his youth, DJ Blacksmith was primarily and positively influenced by English rave culture such known as breakbeat, hardcore, jungle and drum n bass.

These and other underground music styles and their scene continue to fascinate DJ Blacksmith to this day.

dj blacksmith – preferred music and mixing styles

  • acid
  • breakbeat
  • breaks
  • dnb
  • dubstep
  • neuro dnb
  • garage
  • hardcore
  • jungle

DJ Blacksmith use following equipment – has routine with these equipment types:

  • technics mk2 – classic vinyl player
  • traktor s4 – dj controller
  • pioneer – dj mixer
  • pioneer – dj player

In this crews was or is DJ Blacksmith actively involved

  • mindforce crew
  • hsp crew
  • om crew
  • syneonx crew

session and club gigs where you can meet DJ Blacksmith

Basically, dj blacksmith prefer smaller events, because he is not a commercially oriented DJ. As a result, he often play in very select locations far away from the mainstream.

The strangest location for me was a disused operating theatre where real operations were performed on people just a few weeks before.

I also very like outdoor sessions or small and spontaneous raves in abandoned buildings or something similar.

Everyone can write a lot in www, here is some evidence where you can find me in the lineup:

2002 | 31.08. | Another Level @ Neue Welt, Bremen

2004 | 06.11. | Desire “On Fire” @ Aladin, Bremen – Area 2

2005 | 27.08. | Urban Intensions @ Studio 1, Bremen

2006 | 29.12. | Innocence @ Neue Welt, Bremen

dj blacksmith`s classic oldskool jungle dnb hardcore vinyl collection

  • 500 releases
  • 608 discs
  • 1851 tracks

You can check dj blacksmith`s whole classic record collection easy here at

dj blacksmith – enjoy the contact

You have more questions? Want to know more about me? Are you interested in a creative collaboration? Wanna contact DJ Blacksmith, from bremen germany?

Please feel free to do so here at the following e-mail address:

Many dark and broken shouts from Bremen!

DJ Blacksmith, Bremen, Germany | XD