nice you found a way to my downloads …

… despite the confusing and roar jungle on the internet! XD

Here you will find an overview of all my releases (downloads). Everyone is welcome to download them and use them freely!

No matter if private, in the radio or in the club etc.. Free file sharing is also allowed (via free bittorrent eg).

Private users can jump straight down to the download instructions (yellow box below). People with commercial ambitions please read on! 😉

However, the emphasis is on free access and no costs for the recipient. Social payment systems via blockchain are excluded from this if the downloader / user does not have to pay anything!

Commercial use in connection with sale or rental is prohibited. If there is a need, a request must be made here and it will be decided individually and confirmed separately in writing!

However, the publisher and artist (mindforce music | media | design ) may not be disguised or original files published under a different name etc.. Likewise, the editing and modification of the music files is not permitted. In the case of public use, the author should always be named (e.g. in the track list of a mix set) or at least be referred to mindforce music | media | design from Germany.

This published music here was 100% created and exported on my own private laptop. I have all the necessary licences for the software and samples used.

But now have fun with my free mp3 songs and thank you for your great support!


conditions for download

  1. The first 99 track downloads are for free!
  2. You only need access to a valid email address to activate the free download. There will be no scam or other misuse of your email address.
  3. You can get the song download (in high audio quality and full length) by adding this item to the shopping cart and then going through checkout.
  4. After the order process, the download will be directly activated.
  5. Your download link will be sent to the email address you entered.
  6. The download link is valid a maximum of 3 times!
  7. If the 99th download limit option has been used up, you will have to pay from the 100th download onwards.
  8. Only the cryptocurrencies listed in the checkout are currently accepted as payment.

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